Story Time

 Hello it’s story time again

Remember we were on the story on Abraham the friend of God?

 Have you heard about this man we call Abe? He was also called a friend of God. Why was he a friend of God?, How did Abe become God's friend and can you be God's friend too? Oh yes dear, you  also can be a friend of God like Abe. You only need to do the same things that Abe did. 

First of all, Abe listened to God. Do you listen to God? Abe listened to God everytime not just when God gave him "sweets" to be a friend of God as a child, you need to listen to God, your parents, pastor, your teachers both in church and at school. This means listening not just as one of thing, or listening when your friends do, or when there is sweetie, or when there is a promise of something nice or payment.

 Abe obeyed God even when the father who took him to Haram was no longer there (Gen 11:39 – 12:4). He obeyed when he did not even have a child, when he had only two children and was to send one away and even when he was to sacrifice the only one remaining son. Abe always obeyed God everyday everytime. He was told to leave where he lived with his parents friends and folk to go to a place he did not know. He did not even know the name, the size, the how beautiful the place ways or what he was going to find. Yet he went ahead at the command of God.  - That is what is called FAITH



Can God talk to you?

Can people talk to you?

Will you listen?

Will you obey?