Monthly Meal


Proverbs 10:4-8; 24: 30-34; Joshua 1:3-8; Proverbs 1:10-19

Academic success is the achievement of set educational goals. The ability to set and achieve life’s goals is important because it provides direction and makes progress achievable. In the passages above, there are, however, too many distractions and obstacles against academic success. It takes decisiveness, purpose, courage and wisdom to attain set academic goals.

1. Distractions Against Academic Success: Proverbs 24: 30-34; Songs of Solomon 1: 6
Some individuals allow certain factors to divert their attention from the noble goal of academic success. Some of these come from both within the individuals and outside. There are some distractions that originate from within, nourished or encouraged by individual lifestyle or peculiarities. Others result from relationships with people, places and objects. Unfortunately, this category, even though they are external, is generally stimulated, developed and sustained by personal choice. Many of these distractions include:

i. Lack of a study schedule (time table).
ii. Unclear priorities (What to do first).
iii. Failure to use long blocks of time constructively.
iv. Habit of leaving tasks unfinished.
v. The practice of studying on bed and falling asleep.
vi. Daydreaming.
vii. Ill-health.
viii. Inability to resume studying after study breaks.
ix. Too much time on socializing, games and sports.
x. Inability to say "no" to invitations and requests.
xi. Unrealistic time estimates when setting goals.
xii. An attempt to do too much at a time.
xiii. Involvement in unnecessary details.
xiv. Inability to access needed study materials (internet, library, etc).
xv. Distractions from TV, phone and radio.
xvi. Interruptions by outside interference (phone calls, visitors, noises, etc).
xvii. Frequently waiting until the last minute before starting to study.
xviii. Feeling of intense panic when taking tests.
xix. Unpleasant attitudes of teachers and parents.
xx. Lack of interests in teachers and subjects.
xxi. Study and work syndrome.
xxii. Lustful relationships between boys and girls.