The Children Ministry is a key ministry in all the regions of the Deeper Life Christian Ministry world-wide. The General Superintendent heads the ministry at the centre. The Children Church is an integral part of the adult church and runs separately as a Sunday school but parallel to the main church. It was established with the vision to make it the best hour of every kid's week by exposing the children to all the provisions of grace, enable them to have the basic Christian experiences and assist them to live victorious Christian life in readiness for the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. The mission for Deeper Life Bible Church Children's Ministry is to give each child a biblical foundation through the teaching of God's Word so he/she may come to have saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Its programmes and activities are aimed at evangelising, teaching and discipling the children for Jesus; training them up in the way of the Lord and equipping them to win their world for Christ.

The Children's Ministry covers the ages from infants through to class six. Fourth to sixth –class students are allowed the option to sing in the Kids Choir. We offer sound teaching with simple illustrations during our Sunday Search the Scriptures sessions. We allow children to ask questions and the teachers are ready to answer them all. Children's Ministry also provides special events during the year, such as inspirational Biblical episodes, recitation of poems and memory verses during special occasions. Child care for special events is also under the umbrella of Children's Ministry.

This year:  We look to build dedicated and distinct children developed into reputable youth, filled with godliness, fit and meet for the Kingdom. Children that experience God !

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