Animal World


Hello children we shall go into the world of animals and learn some important lessons from them. Come go with me Hurray!

They shall teach thee; and the fowls of the air, and they shall tell thee:’ Job 12:7.

Apes – the great copycat (imitator)
1 Kings 10:22

Apes are Noted for copying (imitating). This is a very important role that assists learning in human. Jesus said we should learn of him. ‘learn of me’ matt 11:29.
As friends of Jesus he want us to imitate him so as to be like him.

Copying (imitation) is one of the ways to learn, other ways include deliberation (reflection) and past occurrence (Experience). Out of these all copying (imitation) is the easiest.
Let the mind of Christ be in you

You can know more about Christ by reading the bible and copying his lifestyle. Matt. 5: ‘whosoever shall do and teach……. Shall be called great in the kingdom.’

To copy you have to look very well and form the picture in your mind. This means you must have time for the bible. Fix your eye upon him all the time.

I want to be like Jesus
Oh To be like
All I want is to be like him