The Deeper Life Bible Church Women Ministry is a supportive ministry in the local church. We support all programs ordained by the leadership of the church by actively getting involved through prayers, evangelism, teaching, visitation and hospitality. The Deeper Life Women Ministry has been playing a key and supporting role within the Deeper Christian Life Ministry right from inception, focusing on meeting the specific, spiritual, and family needs of women both within the church and the entire world as a whole.

Through this ministry, multitudes of women have been saved, restored, sanctified, and Spirit-filled. Many separated families have been re-united and several other family problems resolved through God’s intervention. We believe in the women ministry, that, God is calling all women to a unique walk with Him. God has used many women in the past and is still using many today. God wants us to join actively in the number of the women He is using today. God said we are bought with a price therefore we should glorify Him in our bodies and our spirit which are His. God wants us to honour Him with our talents and He will bestow honour upon us in return, according to his word.

You might be saying in your heart, I don’t have what it takes to honour God, but you do. God has chosen the foolish and weak people to confound the wise and the mighty, so that no flesh shall glory in His presence. Our God is waiting to use us in our little or big corner to bring light into this dark world. Our father commanded us that our lights should so shine that people around us will see our good works and glorify God by submitting their hearts unto our Lord Jesus Christ. The bible says in (1 Peter 2:12) that “Your conduct should be honourable among the Gentiles, that when they speak against you as evildoers, they may, by your good works which they observe, glorify God in the day of visitation”.

The Women Mirror magazine is a monthly magazine production by the DCLM women ministry. It is magazine that ministers not only to women apart from meeting specific needs of different women categories, the magazine touches on child training, Bible quiz and a host of others. 

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