The Students Outreach the umbrella body worldwide for the youth section of DCLM started in 1979 when the General Superintendent of Deeper Christian Life Ministry held the first ever Free Vacation School for Secondary School Students in Lagos State. The impact of this programme was tremendous as lives of many young people were transformed and they were motivated to succeed academically.

Widening the horizon of youth evangelism, the outreach to students in their various schools was established as Post Primary School Outreach. This was eventually changed to Deeper Life Schools Outreach (DLSO). Over the years, this Outreach has operated in the Secondary Schools directly or indirectly under the names Success Club or Christian Student Fellowship. There is an off-shoot of DLSO which caters for the youth in Deeper Life Bible Church. This is named Youth Home Success Fellowship.  

Here at the Deeper Life Bible Church Leeds, we have a very vibrant and committed youth department whom God has been using, is using and will continue to use to bless the church and expand the coast of the kingdom. The youth department coordinated by team comprising of bro Ola, bro Segun and bro Kunle and also sisters Ayo, sis Janet, sis Tope and sis Sarah meet on Sundays for a dedicated search of the scriptures, as well as for home success fellowship after service. The impact of the grace of God in our youths is felt in their active presence in every department of the church as well as enthusiasm for evangelism.

We seek as a body to be the salt and light of Leeds, showing Christ to our communities through daily victorious Christian living in a world dominated by misleading communications from movies stars, models, footballers, political leaders, artistes but to mention a few. We live in a society where bad is hailed as good and good is condemned as outdated or outright offensive, nevertheless, we are committed to be Daniels in Babylon, Ruths in Moab, Mordecais In Sushan Deborahs in Israel and Josephs in Egypt

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