Follow Up

The Follow up / visitation team is the arm of the church dedicated to seeing to the spiritual and physical welfare of church members, converts and our guests. The ministry is hinged on Isaiah 50:4; Acts 2:46-47, II Timothy 2:2 and Matthew 28:20.

The primary focus of the team is to

  • Ensure the retention of the flock of Christ to see to it that the master’s sheep are safe and sound all-rounder
  • Identify with those that may be going through difficulties / challenges to provide as much encouragement as we can muster aided by the grace of God.
  • Encourage members towards punctual and regular attendance of weekly meetings, Sunday worship service and house caring fellowship so that they can have a continuous supply of spiritual feeding for growth.
  • Support new converts through their growth process in the faith as well as promote love and unity among the flock.

In other to achieve the above objectives, the team usually divides into smaller groups of not less than two members. We do this to be enable us cover a much wide area over a short time period

The telephone platform team operates with very identical objectives to the follow up / visitation team and in fact, it could be a bit difficult to separate both teams in that the telephone team also gets involved in visitation although most of our ministration is telephone based.

Both the follow up/visitation and telephone teams meet on a weekly basis just like every other team in the church and we also usually have review meetings on a monthly basis to evaluate out performance and progress. We work in tandem with other teams / units whose activities are crucial to the efficient running of our operations for instance, the ushering unit. Due to the expansive nature of our operations, we are ever in need of believers who have a desire to serve the chief shepherd ‘Jesus Christ’ in the business of flock tending and grooming.