DCLM Yorkshire region partners with a number Charities and Christian organisations in the course of making the impact of gospel and the presence of the church felt within our community. Some of the organisations we currently patner with include:

United Christian Broadcasters (UCB)

As a UCB prayer line satellite location, we have a body of volunteers who pray for people on request. During the period allocated to us, we listen to callers who chat with us about anything that bothers them and receive any prayer request they might have and spend time taking it to God in prayers. We give all glory to God to be able to say our God has been faithful and we have had people calling back to testify of answers that they have received to their prayer requests.

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St. Georges Crypt, Leeds

We partner with St. George's Crypt in providing support and ministering to the needs of the homeless, disadvantaged and vulnerable people in Leeds and its surrounding areas.

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Christians Against Poverty (CAP)

With Christians Against Poverty, we join hands in helping to deliver people from the clutches of poverty and bankruptcy. We engage in providing support services for financially distressed people such as training and counselling with the aim of guiding them towards financial liberty.

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Christian Aid

We support Christian Aid in the fight for a world free of poverty and injustice.

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