Deeper Life Leeds

Deeper Life Leeds, started as a campus fellowship at the University of Leeds in 1991, led by a PhD student. As the fellowship grew in numbers and commitment,  a Bible Study was started at the initiative of the National Overseer in London. The Bible Studies were held in a flat in the city until a time came that the membership outgrew the location, and so a bigger venue was sought for a church.

The first worship venue to be used was the University Chaplaincy, after which the church moved to a community hall in Little London area of Leeds. Because the community hall had to remain closed during public holidays, such as bank holidays, Easter and Christmas the church had to look for yet another venue. This time sanctuary was found at St Martins’ Institute (a separate building within the Anglican Church complex in Chapel Town, Leeds). Up until this time, church growth fluctuated in numbers (15 to 20 adults) the reason being that majority of church membership was made up of postgraduate students who would be around for the duration of their study programmes and then return to their respective countries.

Towards early 1997, the church began to register the presence of families, and that boosted the stability of church membership and growth.  The period 2002-2004 saw a significant growth in the church membership as more families from various denominational backgrounds joined the church and settled in Leeds.

All these years, the church had been making relentless efforts in prayers and physical searches for a building of their own and to the glory of God, By June 2006 our prayers were answered and the church was able to purchase and moved into its own building in Richmond Hill (its present location).  Deeper Life Leeds, stands to testify to the faithfulness of the Lord and it has continued to wax stronger in every ramification. Praise the Lord!!!